Coaching for
 church leaders

CfCL’s approach to coaching reflects a commitment to individual leaders’ growth and development, leading to the growth and flourishing of the Church in Aotearoa. These dual priorities shape both the posture and practice of coaching.

Supporting the hauora of church leaders in Aotearoa

What is coaching and how can it help me?

The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership. CfCL defines coaching as: “A proactive conversation which is focussed, sustained, and purposeful. Coaches prompt reflection and are non-directive – solutions come from the coachee.”

You might think of coaching like going on a road trip with a supportive passenger riding along with you. You're in the driver's seat, deciding where to go. As you drive, your coach accompanies you and assists you on your journey to reach your destination.

Your coach provides accountability, supports self-awareness, and helps you gain new perspectives. Coaches ask questions not to get a particular answer, but to encourage meaningful exploration toward greater depth and competence.

Proverbs 27:17

As iron sharpens iron, one person sharpens another

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What to expect

How do I begin my coaching journey?

To begin your journey, complete the form on our Contact page, including the name of the coach you’d like to connect with, and we’ll be in touch.

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How much will it cost?

A one-hour coaching session with a CfCL accredited coach will be billed at NZD $150 +gst.

Sessions with coaches working towards accreditation will be subsidised by CfCL so coachees will pay NZD $75 +gst.

Is there a time commitment?

A typical coaching relationship involves meeting once per month, though we understand there may be periods where more or less frequent sessions are required as your needs evolve. Your CfCL coach will work with you to sort out an appropriate rhythm.

Generally, a coaching relationship lasts for approximately 2 years, with 10 sessions per year.

What if I want to try another coach?

No problem — if for any reason you feel you or your coach aren't quite the right fit, CfCL can help navigate this with you.

Where do sessions take place?

As our coaches are based across the country, sessions may take place online via Zoom to ensure you can connect with the best coach for your specific goals. If you’d prefer to meet in person, this may be negotiated with your coach.

How is coaching different from mentoring or therapy?

Coaching is not the same as mentoring or therapy.

A mentor offers subject matter expertise, wisdom and guidance based on their own experiences, whereas a therapist typically deals with a person’s psychological wellbeing.

In contrast, coaching focuses on guiding coachees to their own conclusions —providing individuals with the tools to more readily draw on their own skills and experience when navigating the complex challenges that come with leading a church.

The coach is the expert in the coaching process, but you are the expert on your own life journey.

How is coaching different from professional supervision?

CfCL’s approach to coaching is distinctive from Professional or Ministry Supervision.

While there are definite cross-overs, Supervision is more “looking in the rear vision mirror” and reflecting on actions and situations in order to make sense of them.

On the other hand, coaching is more energetic. It tends to be both future and growth focussed.

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